Jurassic Coast 2

Jurassic Coast Deep slumped vessel Inspired by numerous trips to Lyme Regis, part of the World Heritage Dorset Coast. Embossed ammonites and flowing coastal seascape.. Dimensions: Approx 24cm diasmeter In stock – contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece

Advanced Course

Advanced courses These are exclusively for students who have attended one of my other courses and wish to develop their skills further. They will be project based using some new, more complex techniques. Details will be sent to previous course participants in due course.

Hebrides Gravity Vessels

Hebrides Gravity Vessels Inspired by the world famous Harris Tweed which can only be woven on the Isle of Harris on a croft using looms,  often set inside rickety corrugated sheds. Typically the weavers will also be fishermen or shepherds. The wool is dyed to reflect the colours of the Hebridean landscape, turquoise sea, rugged barnacle…

Shipping Forecast

Shipping Forecast Gravity vessels These start flat and are heated slowly until they sag through the middle of a ring using heat and gravity. Part of a body of work celebrating our industrial heritage showing textures from the west coast of Britain, thinking about the fishermen who go out to sea in all conditions, they…

Beneath the Surface, Wave

Beneath the Surface, Wave Inspired by Hidden Geological Layers On my visits to Iceland I have been intrigued by the contradiction of visible snow and ice while knowing that molten lava may be just beneath the surface. In stock in sizes various – contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece in this design

Autumn Leaves Triptych

Autumn Leaves A modern, co-ordinated triptych to convey a sense of movement The challenge in this design was to create the effect of fallen leaves being picked up and blown around in the wind. This was achieved with coloured glass, in autumnal shades, and copper inclusions, forming leaf shapes and featuring a colour plan to…

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Shallow bowl I love the delicate simplicity of this design and how the coloured features, combined with fragments of iridescent glass diffract and reflect the light to dance on the table below. SOLD Size: approx. 30cm diameter Contact me to discuss commissions of this design

Chalk Stream

Chalk Stream Shallow bowl Designed around the inspiration of Hampshire’s rivers, this work symbolises the action of clear water running over a gravel bed with suggestions of flowing weed and the ever elusive trout. Size: approx. 30cm diameter SOLD

Making Tracks

Making Tracks Memories of Drovers’ Routes A free-standing curve or long dish, inspired by the textures I discover walking around local farmland; the marks are created by chemical reactions that occur during the firing process. Size: approx. 200mm x 500mm Contact me to discuss commissions of this design

West Coast

West Coast Inspired by the Rugged Hebridean Coastline This work is part of a collection of gravity vessels, inspired by the Isle of Harris and its natural and industrial landscape. The design features a line of text from the shipping forecast. Size: 115mm diameter and 70mm diameter SOLD